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Malaysia International Film Festival is an exhibition opened to public in worldwide to participate whereas the Malaysia Golden Global Awards is an awards night that will involve filmmakers from all around the world to participate. It is established in 2016 by a group of influential and outstanding individuals from Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong who aimed to provide opportunities and an accessible platform for movie producers at a local and international level to champion new creative talents. Malaysia International Film Festival & Malaysia Golden Global Awards is set to celebrate the best international & local films and to promote the unique of Malaysian arts & cultures to audiences worldwide. Above all, it would try to promote the Malaysian tourism industry. The organization is greatly honoured to receive personal assistance from Mr. Wen Tien Hsiang (CEO of Taiwan Golden Horse Awards) as main advisor and an extensive line up of renowned producers, directors and artistes to serve as advisors in order to ensure the success of this significant event. Besides, we are greatly appreciated with the support from the Co-Organizer – FINAS, the Official Venue of International Film Festival, NuSentral. Official Venue of Malaysia Golden Global Awards, Arena of Stars, Resort World Genting and Official Automobile, BMW Wheelcorp Premium. Thanks for the official sponsors for fully supporting International Film Festival and Malaysia Golden Global Awards!



马来西亚的国际电影节与颁奖典礼 – 金環奬–于2016年成立,并由一众来自马来西亚、意大利、台湾及香港最顶尖并才华出众的领导人一起合力举办。此项国际电影节与金環奬颁奖典礼旨在大力推广本土电影制作及艺术文化让其受到国际的认可,表扬本地及国际电影工作者的成就,与此同时促使我国旅游发展和电影文化。此外,主办单位更非常荣幸地获得闻天祥(台湾金马影展执行委员会执行长)以个人名义等多位著名电影制作人及知名艺人加盟担任此盛事顾问,使其电影节及金環奬更具国际认可与公信力,同时让此盛事能够更加顺利地进行。非常感谢FINAS 以及马来西亚国际电影节的场地赞助商,Nu Sentral。金環奬场地赞助商,云顶云星剧场,以及汽车赞助商,BMW Wheelcorp Premium.再次感谢赞助商对马来西亚国际电影节及金環奬的大力支持,万分感激!