Malaysia International Film Festival has come to the second season and deep in heart we are extremely excited about it.

We sincerely thank every single person who supported the first season of Malaysia International Film Festival especially, the international filmmakers and audience who came along. This festival was then a small seed that grew to a youthful plant and we definitely hope that in the future through the love of all films lovers, it can grow into a big and strong tree.

The love for films does not need to have a reason when it can be forever. This deep-seated passion towards film showed the artistic side of film and will keep moving on and on to the future.

The 2nd Malaysia International Film Festival’s theme is set to be “Hope and Despair”.

Sometimes, we will meet hope and chances in life, but during your luxurious time with hope you will also find your absence of hope and feel the loss.

There is no impossible in the film industry, every filmmaker uses their experiences to speak one’s mind. Whatever they felt deep inside their heart or their souls that touched the depths of human soul have silently express the feeling and ideas through filming.

Sometimes, hope and despair is just a thin line in between, the choice is always in our hand.