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Finally, our own international film festival – The 1st Malaysia International Film Festival is successfully launched! This is one of the most exciting news particularly for the films lovers in Malaysia. The festival will feature various meticulously-selected films from both local and abroad. Many other foreign film makers will also set foot in Malaysia to share their talents and experience in film- making.

I remember when I went to Taiwan for the first time 10 years ago to develop my acting career, I took an hour bus ride with my roommate from the United State, to the Taipei International Film Festival just to watch a good movie where we were transported from one story to another. Then, there was my maiden trip to Berlin International Film Festival. During our little break in the snowy February, my colleagues and I sat on the staircase of a fully packed cinema to enjoy a movie.

During the Hong Kong International Film Festival, my friends and I always went to a restaurant for a cup of milk tea and a custard bun after watching a good movie where we shared and recounted our experiences from the movie.

Now I can return to my own hometown for the Malaysia International Film Festival while playing my Nasi Lemak, Laksa and Ice Kacang….hahahaha!

Let us join the festival together and have fun!

Ambassador of 1st Malaysia International Film Festival and Malaysia Golden Global Awards
SinJe Lee