Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) is a public exhibition to showcase international and local films in Malaysia. We then proudly present to you at the Malaysia Golden Global Awards (MGGA), an evening where we celebrate filmmakers by inviting them from across the globe to recognize their achievements on stage. Both events were established in 2016 by a group of renowned film experts across Asia. Built on the foundation to create endless opportunities and provide accessible platforms for people in the film industry, our goal is to champion new creative talent.


  • To promote Malaysian and international film production.
  • To recognize Malaysian and international filmmakers.
  • To introduce Malaysian film, art and culture to the world.
  • To develop Malaysian Tourism Industry

Joanne Goh – Founder and Chairperson

Joanne Goh started her career in entertainment by organising concerts both locally and internationally. In her twenty-plus years in the industry, she has coordinated, managed, and arranged over a hundred concerts and showcases – with a combined revenue of almost a hundred million USD in ticket sales.

In more recent times, she has taken up new challenges in the film industry, and has since worked on many local and international films as an EP (executive producer) or a producer. Her passion for entertainment and film hasn’t stopped, however, and in 2016 she founded the Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) and the Malaysia Golden Global Awards (MGGA).

In the last three years, the MIFFest has helped put Malaysia on the metaphorical map, attracting top-tier filmmakers to the country from all around the world. To her pride, it has become a platform to facilitate artistic and cultural exchange both locally and internationally.   Joanne continues to believe in the future of the film industry in Malaysia. While it has already come leaps and bounds in a matter of decades, she still believes there is still much potential for future growth, particularly in bringing local films to international audiences. Her continued efforts contribute to the growth of the film and entertainment industries in the country, and her contributions have pushed the industry to newer, greater, heights.