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Regulations & Guidelines

Malaysia Golden Global Awards:

  • The Malaysia Golden Global Awards was founded on 2017
  • The Malaysia Golden Global Awards aims to promote Malaysian and international film productions by recognizing and rewarding excellent films and filmmakers, while introducing the Malaysian arts and cultures to the world.
  • Malaysia Golden Global Awards unveils ‘Humanity’ as the main campaign theme and key message. A new design concept was created to represent the 2 faces of humanity that are ‘Hope’ and ‘Despair’.
  • The Malaysia Golden Global Awards will be held on Saturday, 3rd March 2018 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Plenary Hall.
  • Films within the competition will be eligible to the following awards.

– The Best Film
– The Best Director
– The Best New Director
– The Best Cinematography
– The Best Screenplay
– The Best Actor
– The Best Actress
– The Best Supporting Actor
– The Best Supporting Actress

Entry Fees:

  • Early-bird submission: The MGGA does not charge entry fees for film submissions made before Saturday, 30th September 2017
  • Regular submission: The MGGA will charge a submission fee of USD $25 for films submitted in the final two weeks (1st October to 14th October 2017) of submission. This fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.


  • All film submissions must complete the Online Submission Form no later than Saturday, 14th October 2017, 6.00pm (GMT+8).
  • Any submissions received after the deadline will not be accepted.


  • Films must have been completed no earlier than year 2016.
  • Feature film entries may be from any country/countries of production.



  • A feature film is defined as a work of fiction or non-fiction that equals or exceeds 60 minutes in length including opening and end credits.


  • All submissions must complete the Online Film Submission Form.
  • A password protected online screener or preview link is required.
  • Please ensure that the online link/download is accessible till 4th March 2018.
  • Films in any other language other than English must have English subtitles.
  • Please be notified that a confirmation email will be sent after you submit the film.
  • Submission materials will not be returned. The preview screener will be kept in the Festival’s video library and may be consulted for future uses.

Selected Films

  • Selected films will receive a notification email. Once the email is received, participants should send in the requested materials as below through email:
    • Press Kit and Film stills (300 dpi, minimum four photos), in JPG or PNG format, size 500KB – 1MB
    • A photo, biography & filmography of the director, cinematographer, script writer, actor and actress (minimum three photos of director).
    • Official trailers and poster without screening date
    • Mailing: The DVD screener is needed as the submission material for the judging purpose
  • The MGGA holds the right to use the film stills/text/extracts (limited to 10% of the total length and not exceeding 3 min.) provided by the participant for announcement purpose.
  • The MGGA may ask the producer for the right to have a copy of the film selected. The MGGA reserves the right to use these films exclusively for its own strictly cultural, non-commercial purposes. The DVDs of selected films will also be stored in the Festival’s video room and viewed by film industry professionals only during the festival.


Copyright Indemnity:

  • The entrant is responsible for all necessary copyright clearances for material used in their submitted works, and shall fully indemnify the Festival from any damage resulting from copyright infringement lawsuits from other parties.

Please email [email protected] for your further inquiries or clarification.