The opening ceremony of Malaysia International Film Festival is held on 28th February 2017, from 6 PM to 8 PM at NU Sentral Shopping Centre. During the red carpet session, the recipient of Lifetime Achievements Award Dato Lai Meng arrived with her great smile. Then, the chairman of Malaysia International Film Festival and Malaysia Golden Global Awards Ms Joanne Goh walked the red carpet together with the advisor of Malaysia International Film Festival and Malaysia Golden Global Awards Mr. Wen Tien Hsiang.

There are a lot of International and local artists that appeared during the Malaysia International Film Festival Opening Ceremony. The director of Andreas Dresen came together with the main character Arved Friese and they both were greeting to others with amiable. The juries panel Professor Xie Fei, Mr Kim Dong Ho, Ms Yeo Yann Yann, Ms Yeh Ju Feng and Mr Garin Nugroho were present in the opening ceremony in order to show support to the Malaysia International Film Festival.

During the opening ceremony, the emcee has invited the jury panel as well as the chairman of Malaysia International Film Festival and Malaysia Golden Global Awards to the stage for greeting. All the juries were shared about their thought toward the first Malaysia International Film Festival. Besides that, the juries had mentioned that they were excited and appreciated to have the chances to explore and enjoy the filming cultures of Malaysia. “It was a big challenge, but luckily everything gone smoothly and everyone is so supportive,” said Goh. To award the efforts and support, the chairman was honored to represent her team to give the certificates to the juries panel.

The promo video which directed by Tin Kai-Leong were shown during the opening ceremony. Apart from the promo video, the organizer has prepared a special trailer with all nominated film. After all the wonderful films had been shown, the guests and media were invited to watch the opening film directed by Andreas Dresen. The first Malaysia International Film Festival will be screening the other 19 nominated films from 1st March 2017 to 4th March 2017 at GSC NU Sentral Shopping Centre, TGV Sunway Velocity, TGV KLCC and mmCineplexes (eCurve).

(吉隆坡 28 日讯) 一连五天的马来西亚国际电影节正式开跑。马来西亚国际电影节开幕典礼于昨日正式举办。在一开场的红毯上,就迎来了获得金環奖 “终身成就奖”的得主 – 拿督黎桂润 (黎明姨)。黎明姨以她以往的慈祥笑容步入红地毯,并迎来他人的关注。紧接着就由马来西亚国际电影节及金環奖主席,吴佩玲小姐并与此电影节的顾问,闻天翔先生一同踏上红地毯。

许多国际与本地艺人以及导演也陆陆续续的踏入开幕典礼现场。 其中最受大众关注的莫过于本届电影节的 6 位评审团。《Timm Thaler》的导演Andreas Dresen带领了电影里头的男主角, Arved Friese 一同出席此典礼。紧接下来,谢飞教授、评审团主席金东虎先生、杨雁雁小姐、叶如芬小姐以及导演 Garin Nugroho 也随后抵达开幕典礼。

于开幕典礼开场时,主持人荣幸邀请 7 位重点人物 – 马来西亚国际电影节及金環奖的 6 位评审团以及大会主席同步上台与大家打招呼,并宣布马来西亚国际电影节正式开幕。6位评审团在台上各自发表了对此电影节的感想。他们一致认同本届马来西亚国际电影节让他们因此接触与发掘了许多来自世界各地的优秀电影作品。不仅如此,拥有着不同文化背景的评审团们也借此电影节而对马来西亚的电影文化有了更进一步的了解。主席人在台上回应了大家的相助,她表示对每一位在马来西亚国际电影节与金環奖的筹办过程中做出贡献并给予忠告的人们心怀满满的感激。为了感谢各位评审团们的踊跃协助,大会主席作为代表并诚心的在台上颁发了荣誉奖状给 于6 位评审团们作为支持此电影节的感谢礼。

于马来西亚国际电影节开幕典礼的现场,所有的来宾与媒体们一同欣赏了由田开良导演为本会所量身主导的宣传短片以及由 18 部入围了马来西亚金環奖的电影所组成的预告片。随着精彩的影片结束后,马来西亚国际电影节的开幕典礼也圆满达成。而来宾们也纷纷进入了电影院并欣赏开幕影片 – 《Timm Thaler》。马来西亚国际电影节将于 3 月 1 日至3月4日在NU Sentral 购物中心、TGV Sunway Velocity、TGV KLCC 以及 mmCineplexes (eCurve) 播放其余的 19 部影片。