The Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) is an annual film festival that is held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which aims to showcase international films from around the world. Accompanying this event is the Malaysian Golden Global Awards (MGGA), a grand awards ceremony that serves to celebrate the brilliant cinematic creations by filmmakers    from around the globe. Both of these events are established in 2016 by a committee of well-acclaimed film experts from across Asia. Built on the foundation to create opportunities and platforms for artists in the film industry, our goal is to champion sublime talents.

This year, MIFFest and MGGA continue to unveil ‘Humanity’ as the main theme of these events. To complement this theme, a new concept is introduced: The Journey. The Journey refers to our focus on films and the filmmaking journey. We have deliberately chosen these key ideas because, filmmaking is a journey: a journey to humanity and Humanity’s journey.

Through MIFFest and MGGA, we strive to represent and present outstanding international and local talents to you, the audience. We are very proud of our journey to build and strengthen the arts and culture of Malaysia and of the cinematic world at large.